APLAS 2017

15th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems

November 27-29, 2017, Suzhou, China


Welcome in China. You made it to the destination airport. Unless your are one of the very few foreigners who can speak and read Chinese, potentially the most challenging part of your journey is about to begin. Below we will introduce:

If you arrive from somewhere else and need help, please let us know. If you need help while travelling, the local organiser can be reached on the mobile:

Zhaohui: (+86) 13646206084


China is generally a safe country for travelling, if the usual precautions are taken. We assume you have never been in China before, therefore let us still start with some general points.

Travel from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to the Conference Center

In short, you have to get to (1) Hongqiao railway station and then from there to (2) Suzhou railway station. From Suzhou railway station it is best to take a taxi. Overall this will take approximately 2h of travelling to the conference center.

From Hongqiao Airport to Hongqiao Railway Station

Getting a Ticket for the Metro in Shanghai

Like most Chinese metro stations, entering the metro station at the airport means you have to go through a brief security check where your luggage will be X-rayed. After the check you will see ticket machines

which can change language to English (in this way you can avoid having to talk to a sales person in the ticket counter, who might not speak any English). You need to select the metro line number and the destination station on the touch screen (shown on the right). Next you need to pay for the ticket with 10 RMB or 5 RMB bank notes, or 1 RMB coins. If you do not have them yet, you will need to get your ticket from the counter. After paying, the machine will issue a card which is your ticket. This card needs to be swiped when going through the gates of the metro (shown as below). At the end of your journey you will have to return the card at the exit gate.


You can learn more from this video in youtube.

From Hongqiao Railway Station to Suzhou Railway Station via High-Speed Train

As background, train stations above the village level in China are organised more like an airport, than the more sleepy train station you might be familiar with. Therefore, you first have to go through a security gate where luggage is checked and you padded by a security guard. The security guard is female and this is seen as normal by Chinese.

Next you need to buy a train ticket. If you exit from metro station, following signs for “Railway Ticket Office (2F)”, then you will find ticket counters as left below.

Unlike the metro, ticket machines for trains are of no use for you, because you would need Chinese ID-card in order to buy anything with them. You have to queue on the usually longer queue and buy a ticket for Suzhou Railway station. You need to show the note(please print out), your passport and money to the ticket officer to get a ticket. There are three railway stations in Suzhou: Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou North Railway Staion and Suzhou Industrial Park Railway Station. We recommend Suzhou Railway Station.

The ticket will cost around 39.5 RMB and looks like this:
Train Ticket
The G-Number (G7118 above) stands for the train number, which identifies the train also on the large displays at the hall. Below that number is the date and departure time, in this case 2017-11-04 and departure time 17:18. To the right is the coach number (04) and seat number (03B). Just below from that is the sign that the ticket is for second class (二). For the short duration of the trip there is no real need to buy a ticket for first class. On the top right-hand corner is the platform written(25).

Next you have to wait for your train on the main concourse of the station. Once you know the platform, go to the gate. Be careful, the gates are nestled between shops and can be easily overlooked. For each platform there are two gates labelled “A” and “B”, respectively. They are on opposite sides of the main hall. “A” stands for the front of the train and “B” for the rear – you know which one to go to from the coach number on your ticket. The gate of 25A is like this:


When the gates are opend for your train, which means the train number (in this example G7118) turn to green on the board (see below picture), you need to show again your passport verifying that it is you who is travelling on the ticket.


Following the crowd, you will see the train. Getting on the coach with the coach number in your ticket (04 in this example), then you need to find you seat. Seat number is shown above the window as below.

The “3” is the seat number and “A” denotes the seat beside the window, “C” the seat beside the passage. In this example, according to the seat number 03B, you may sit on the seat denoting by “B”, which is the middle seat.

The journey to Suzhou Railway Station takes around 30m. Make sure your arrival station announced by the train is exactly “Suzhou Railway Station”, not “Suzhou North Railway Station” or other. Trains from Hongqiao to Suzhou work from 6:09-21:42 at nearly 30m intervals.

Suzhou Railway Station to the Conference Center

After checking your ticket to exit the train station, you will find a sign for “Taxi(North)” as shown below:
Taxi North
Following signs and you will see a KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) on your right hand side. Beside the KFC, there is the taxi stand(the left picture as below). When you enter it, you will see many taxies waiting on the road(the right picture).

Get on an empty taxi, and then show the map togeher with notes(please print it out) for the driver, he will drive you to the conference center. Don’t forget to take the receipt when you arrive. If you need to go to the hotel instead of the conference center, then below table is useful for you:

Hotel Map Cost
Jinling Guanyuan International Hotel link 60RMB
Jingzhai Hotel link 60RMB

The journey will cost you around 60 RMB and takes about 45 minutes. The taxi needs to be paid in cash. Make sure the taxi driver switches on the meter once you left the taxi stand!

If you are able to understand Chinese, you can take bus “Express 2” to reach the conference center. Following the “Bus(North)” signs, you will find the bus stop of Express 2. You need to take the bus to Xi Jiao Da stop, which is very close to the conference center. The whole journey will cost you 1h and take you 1RMB.

Travel from Pudong International Airport (PVG) to the Conference Center

It’s about 150km from PVG to Suzhou. There are several options reach Suzhou:

From Pudong International Airport to the Conference Center via the Long-Distance Bus

Following the signs for “Long Distance Bus”, you can find the bus stop, which may take you 10min by walk. The signs are shown as below:

Next you need to buy a bus ticket. There are ticket counters, see below.


You need to show the note(please print out), your passport and money to the ticket officer to get a ticket. The ticket will cost 84 RMB and looks like this:

This is not a ticket from Pudong to Suzhou, but the layout of tickets is the same. The number(A00064 above) below the arrow stands for the bus number. Right below the number is your seat number(9) and the number on the right up corner(18) is the platform number, denoting where to wait for the bus. After buying the ticket, you can get into the waiting room through a security gate (as below), and wait for your bus according to the platform number on the ticket.


The bus takes around 3h and make only two stops at the very end of the journey. Both stops are in Suzhou. The first is near Culture Expo Center Subway Station, in Industrial Park and the second is near Suzhou Railway Station. If you want to get off the bus at the first stop, you should show the driver the note, and then he/she will guide you to place your luggage in the proper place. If you choose the second stop, then show the driver another note. This act is necessary beacuse passengers getting off at different stops have to place their luggage in different places.

The first stop is more closer to the conference center and by taxi it will only cost you around 25 RMB to the center. However, there is no standard taxi pick-up point near the stop, so you have to hail a taxi at a street curb. Most official cabs in Suzhou are white, as shown below:


In order to reduce the risk of traveling, please take white taxies only!

If you choose to take the second stop, you can take advantage of the taxi stand near Suzhou Railway Station. And the journey from this stop to the conference center by taxi will cost you around 60 RMB. To find the taxi stand, you need to walk out the bus station and will see a big square. Then walking into the square, you may find some sign (as below) directing you to the B1 floor.

The B1 floor is the place same as you arrive at the station by train. So following the signs for “Taxi(North)”, you will find the same taxi stand described in the previous chapter. According to the information in that chapter , you will be driven to the conference center.

This bus works from 9:20 to 21:00, and the detailed departure times are: 9:20, 10:10, 10:40, 11:10, 11:40, 12:10, 12:45, 13:30, 14:15, 14:50, 15:30, 16:10, 16:50, 17:30, 18:10, 18:50, 19:40, 20:30, 21:00.

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